Your Guide to Busting Fad Diets!

Most failed dieters share a common diet story. It starts with hearing about the hottest diet, which has exaggerated claims like “Lose 5 pounds in a week” and helps you achieve the weight loss by  making you survive solely on low calorie foods like apples/soup/lemonade. Although these diets will put your body into starvation mode and help you knock off a few pounds, the deficit of minerals and nourishment will harm you in the long run and you will find yourself putting the weight on again. We help you break the cycle of fad diets and achieve your fitness fantasy the right way by making these small changes in your day to day life:

Avoid triggers that force you to make bad health choices:
If it’s your friends who make you indulge in binge eating sessions where all you do is scarf down processed foods and unnecessary calories, then you need to make a few changes. Although it would be ideal to totally eliminate these sessions, a great way to shed the extra calories is by limiting the number of times you indulge in junk food. You could always go out with your friends and exercise self control while they stuff their faces with junk. If you can’t avoid eating junk, then have a small meal before you head out to meet ‘em, that way you won’t be able to eat too much.

Ditch Those Sugar Loaded Snacks: Not only are they the enemy, but they don’t fill you up. A sugar loaded cake/soda will give you a sugar high, which will soon be followed by an extreme low, which will leave you feeling tired, moody and hungry. Opt for a high fiber snack like oats, or fruit. The natural sugar in fruit will satisfy your sugar craving and the additional boost of fiber and nutrients will make you feel better and fuller for longer.

Exercise: Try and get 5 sessions of exercise a week. A work out,(no matter how intense) will give you a dose of endorphins(the happy hormones) which will curb your craving for food love!

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