What should you expect when you visit the ENT?


The physician will use an otoscope to examine the ears and the ear drum. There is a light source, with a small magnification as an attachment that allows the surgeon to identify pathology. This is a fairly no invasive diagnostic procedure that can be used for patients in all age groups. Sometimes, tuning forks are used to measure hearing. This along with a microscopic study of the ear and ear drum can be considered as a full examination.


To diagnose the nose the doctor only needs a simple speculum again with a light source attached to it. This helps in understanding the anatomy and possible pathology.

In case you have undergone nasal surgery, a flexible endoscope is typically used to inspect the nose.

Throat :

A typical examination begins with an external check of the neck area, feeling for any swollen glands. Next, the oral cavity will be examined used a tongue depressor and light to illuminate the tongue and tonsillar areas of the mouth. Using a flexible nasolaryngoscope to examine the larynx and the nasal cavity, is not an uncommon practice anymore.

This nasolaryngoscope is a fiber optic cable that gets inserted through the nose. As discomforting as it sounds, it is really the best way for the surgeon to examine areas that are harder to see. The entire procedure gets over in minutes and is usally a part of a typical ENT examination.


It is easy to understand, the trauma associated with this type of examination as it involves various non invasive and invasive techniques of diagnosis. But without these measured steps, it would never be a thorough examination and that means missing out on a problem that may need fixing. We know that is not acceptable in today’s society. So now you have an idea of what to expect at an ENT consultation. If you feel the need to get examined, go ahead. Don’t let a little bit of discomfort come in the way of your good health.

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