The Wonders Of Magnetic Therapy

The Wonders Of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a method of medicinal therapy that involves placing magnets of different sizes and strengths on the human body, with the purpose of relieving pain and treating various diseases. Although there are anecdotal reports of healing with magnetic therapy, available scientific evidence does not support these claims. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers magnets harmless and of no use for medical purposes.

Magnet therapy involves using magnets to cure illnesses, by attaching thin metal magnets to the body (either alone or in groups). They are sometimes used in magnetic therapy necklaces or magnetic therapy bracelets, or are attached to sticky patches that hold them in place. There are even magnetic shoe soles, blankets and slumber pads. Magnetic jewelry is also gaining popularity as a healing method.

This use of magnets to cure diseases is a lot older than one would imagine. A physician in the 16th century named Paracelsus started this, because he thought that magnets would attract and eliminate various diseases from the body due to their magnetic properties. Although this is a little far-fetched, modern doctors have noticed that positive and negative magnetic charges had different effects on human biological systems.

Magnetic therapy has been tested scientifically, but sporadically. To test the claim of improved blood flow, one study compared magnets and otherwise identical nonmagnetic disks on the arms of healthy volunteers. The researchers measured blood flow and found no difference between the real and fake magnets.

Magnetic therapy is generally considered safe. However, implanted medical devices like pacemakers or pumps can be affected by magnets. This means that a thorough medical examination should be conducted before magnetic therapy is undertaken to cure an illness.

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