Small Steps To Stress Relief

Small Steps To Stress Relief

You’re juggling your work life, your social schedule, your partner and a family, It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel stressed. It’s easy to forget the amount of stress you’re putting your body through while making those deadlines, running those errands and juggling those million little things. Your body is well aware of all the stress you put it through and all that pent up tension could create a chain-reaction of health problems for you. Here’s our simple guide to getting some stress relief and channeling your inner zen.

Lookout for telltale signs: Your body gives subtle signals when you subject it to too much stress. Listen to your body and look out for signs like lack of sleep and sudden weight loss. A rise in aches and pains, loss in sex drive and dizziness are signs of the stress taking its toll on your body.

Focus. Shift It: When feeling tense, you may want to replay the situation in your head, it is recommended that instead of causing yourself more stress, find a quiet place and do the following. Sit down, concentrate on the feeling of the seat/floor below you, take deep, long breaths from your diaphragm try inhaling through your nose for a count of four, holding for two, and exhaling through your mouth for seven. Doing this will help calm your nervous system and should soothe your frayed nerves.

Move It, Move It: Exercise is one of the best ways to balance stress hormones and a good workout releases endorphins that will make you feel healthy and happy. Sign up for a kick boxing class, go for a jog, or even run up and down a few flight of stairs. You can either pump yourself up with your favorite club music or take a 360 and stretch/meditate to some soothing instrumental music.

Snack up: It’s human tendency to want to eat a big slice of comforting chocolate cake as a means of stress relief, but that’s the worst thing you can do to yourself, as the sugar loaded treat spikes your blood-glucose level which can make you feel even more jittery. Opt for some healthy berries instead. The fruit’s vitamin D decreases stress induced free radicals. You could also snack on carrot and celery sticks, all that furious munching ought to release some of your frustration.

Write It Down/Paint It Red: Another artistic method of stress relief is whenever you get a negative thought, just jot it down instead of mulling over it. The action of getting your thoughts, insecurities and pending to-do’s on paper actually helps you put them aside.  If you aren’t the literary type, grab a brush and some paint. Painting is said to distract you from your troubles and help calm you down.

Play with A Furry Friend: Petting a dog or cat for just 15 minutes releases the feel good hormones oxycotin, serotonin and prolactin which fight against the stress hormone cortisol. So go ahead and give your furry friend a good, long belly rub as you feel your stress melting away.

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