Skin Care and Aging!

Skin Care and Aging!

With age comes maturity, responsibility and experience. Along with all of this part of the pakage involves skin aging. Now, there’s no reason why you should feel insecure about your skin from aging but there are ways that you can ensure that you age gracefully. All it requires is a little bit of skin care. This article focuses on those aspects of your life that results in skin aging faster, making you look much older than you actually are.

  1. Sun Exposure – As much as we all need Vitamin D from the sun, this very same sunlight contains U.V light that is harmful for the skin. Continuous long-term exposure to harsh rays of the sun lead to quicker aging and in some cases even skin cancer.
  2. Cold Weather – Low temperatures fueled by cold winds causes skin to dry and this makes skin age faster.
  3. Smoking – Smoking tobacco is damaging to your skin. It depletes Vitamin C, which is a key nutrient for skin cells.
  4. Alcohol – Prolonged consumption of alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate. This causes skin to flush and over time this can permanently damage the blood vessels.
  5. Stress – Stress causes the skin to age faster. The skin begins to wrinkle a lot faster as a result of stress lines on the skin.
  6. Lack of Sleep – Less sleep makes you feel and look tired. First signs of sleep deprivation shows up on the face. Dark patches of skin below the eyes and sagging skin are some of the initial signs of sleep deprivation.
  7. Exercise- Lack of exercise contributes to skin aging. Daily exercise tones your muscles and improves blood flow through the body.

By living a healthy life and keeping a clean balanced diet you can keep your skin looking young and age with the grace that keeps your confidence going.

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