Most Common Health Conditions in the US

Every year the CDC (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention) reports on the most common ailments prevalent in the Unites States. This yearly report focuses on the health conditions that limit an individual’s capability.  Here’s looking at the current most common health conditions in the US.

-          Asthma & Allergies:

On top of the list of “activity limiting’ health conditions for children are Asthma and Allergies. Both of these are the result of abnormal immune responses to substances that normally people would be able to tolerate. If not treated properly, it could even result in death.

-          Arthritis

Arthritis and other such health conditions that affect the bones and joints is the most common activity limiting health condition among adults between the ages 18-65. There are many ways that instigate the onset of arthritis and one of them involves your own immune system, reacting to the cells in your joints as foreign substances.

-          Hyper tension, High Cholesterol and Diabetes.

Hypertension along with High cholesterol and Diabetes make up the three most common health conditions found in adults between the ages of 45 -74. All of them increase a person’s risk of vascular and heart diseases. These conditions can be prevented or controlled by maintaining a proper, healthy diet. This is also true for most of the other most common health conditions mentioned in this article.

-          Lower Back Pain, Headaches & Migraines.

The most common health conditions for adults over the age of 18 are headaches, back aches and migraines. These don’t normally respond to medication alone as they tend to be chronic in nature. A good, natural, healthy diet is the first step to healing. This is true for almost every health condition that you can think of. Except for the ones that involve the GI tract, in which case, food obviously is not the best way to go about a healing process.

The most important aspect of staying healthy, involves a natural healthy diet. Understanding your health condition is the next step. Put the both together and not only will you be adding years to your life,you will also be living those years to their fullest.

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