Massage Therapy: Sit Back & Relax

Massage Therapy: Sit Back & Relax

Massage therapy involves various techniques of massage.  Massage therapy is used worldwide to aid people in dealing with stress, depression, pain and rehabilitation post injury. Different regions of the world have their own version of massage therapy.  A typical Swedish massage involves using long strokes, kneading, vibration and deep circular motions.
Despite the lack of scientific research backing its medical implications, massage therapy is widely practiced throughout the world.
There are some side effects that come along with massage therapy, especially if the massage is given erroneously. However, there are certificate course that one can do to gain training in massage therapy.

Some common licenses/certifications for massage therapist include:
LMP: Licensed Massage Practitioner
LMT: Licensed Massage Therapists
NCTMB: Certification from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body work
NCTM: Certification from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage.
CMT: Certified Massage Therapist

As long as you receive your massage therapy from a licensed practitioner, you need not worry about the side effects of the therapy. Under no circumstance, should you replace your medical treatments with massage therapy until you consult with your healthcare provider.

The cost of massage therapies vary based on the type of therapy and time spent on the massage. Typical massage therapy sessions should last for about an hour. Massages are said to release serotonin and endorphins within the body which aids in the process of relaxation. Therapy is all about getting better, more importantly feeling better. A positive attitude is the first step to any recovery. As helpful as the massage therapy may be, anything in excess is not good for you. It is not uncommon for people to become dependent on massages. In such cases, lack of massages can lead to mood swings, body ache and fatigue.

There are many reasons for you to choose massage therapy. However, before you make any decisions regarding the type of therapy that you would prefer to use, consult with your healthcare provider.

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