How To Lose Weight With A Little Help From Technology

How To Lose Weight With A Little Help From Technology

Weight Loss and Weight Control are two very important factors which plague every individual, as weight not only has implications on your vanity, but also on your future health and increases your susceptibility to diseases like diabetes, cholesterol issues and even heart ailments. Tired of sabotaging your diet with mindless binge-ing? The researchers in Clemson University in South Carolina have created a watch like device that calculates every bite you take. This healthy strap on tracks the pattern of “wrist roll movements” whenever the wearer takes a bite.  The press release calls it “a pedometer for eating”

Calories are calculated from bite count based on a formula similar to that found in exercise equipment estimating calories burned. The designers claim the readings are 90 percent accurate. ‘Our preliminary data suggest that bite count can be used as a proxy for caloric count,’ said Eric Muth, the professor for Electric and Computer Engineering.

“At the societal level, current weight-loss and weight management programs are failing to make a significant impact. Studies have shown that people tend to underestimate what they eat by large margins, mostly because traditional methods rely upon self–observation and reporting,” said psychology professor Muth.

You can check the device for real-time bite count while eating, or tally up your daily count and set an alarm based on count to let you know when it’s time to drop that fork. After your meal, you can download the data log to your computer via the device’s USB for long-term analysis.

“The device only requires that the user press a button to turn it on before eating and press the button again after the meal or snack is done. In between, the device automatically counts how many bites have been eaten” Electric and Computer Engineer professor Hoover said. The device costs a neat $ 800 and according to the Clemson University, the device can be redesigned and sold at a more pocket friendly price in the near future.

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