Healthy Eating Diets!

Healthy Eating Diets!

There’s a lot of tempting quick fixes to weight loss. You can opt to go on a drastic cleanse, a freaky fad diet and the risk of anorexia and other eating disorders loom dangerously over any dieter’s health. All these options may show you instant results, but they’re very bad for you over the long run and have devastating effects on your health.
Remember that when it comes to your body, “one size fits all” is not the mantra. A diet that may work for a friend may not work for you, but keep in mind these basic tenets and you’ll be able to say sayonara to those extra pounds.  Don’t think of a diet as a onetime deprivation, rather you should follow the healthy eating tips listed below:

It’s not a short term diet, it’s a lifestyle change: Permanent weight loss is not something you can achieve with a “quick-fix” diet, but you can achieve it with a positive permanent lifestyle change by committing yourself to a healthier life and healthy eating.

Find your cheering squad: Social support can help push you that extra mile and programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig use group support to positively impact weight loss and healthy eating. Your family, friends, partner are great motivators and their enthusiastic support will help you go that extra mile!

Slow & steady always wins the race: Those crash diets that help you miraculously loose all that weight you’ve spent years accumulating in a matter of weeks are all hokum. These diets are very restrictive and often hinge on borderline starvation. You’re deprived of vitamins and minerals which will not only ruin your body, but also your moods and state of mind. A diet that gives you all the nourishment you need while restricting your calorie intake is ideal, it’ll take a bit longer than those fad diets, but the weight won’t come back so easy.

Don’t Get Obsessive: Allow yourself a cheat meal once a week. Don’t gorge during your cheat meal, rather ensure you have a small amount of your favorite treat! If you’re hungry, don’t starve yourself, just choose that apple/celery stick over a sugar coated cookie.

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