Here we’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions asked by our visitors:

How does this service work?
Insurance.pw is a website that enables you to get free comparison insurance rates from several insurance companies as quickly as possible.  Insurance.pw is designed in a manner to make your experience as effortless as possible. We also provide you with the resources to learn about insurance and compare quotes at your convenience.

Is Insurance.pw an insurance company?
No, we are not an insurance company. We provide a free referral service for all insurance shoppers. We do not keep information on your current insurance policies. For any information concerning existing policies, please contact your agent or insurance carriers directly.

I have already submitted my information, when will I get my quote?
Once you have submitted a completed form, the agents that receive your request will begin checking your quotes and should get back to you with detailed pricing within minutes. However, sometimes the quotes are complicated and may require a little more time to process. In any case you should receive your free quotes within 48hrs.

How do I get a quote?
To avail of you free quotes, navigate to the quote box and select the type of insurance you require and enter your current Zip Code. This will direct you to a page that displays several quotes from many insurance providers. Choose the one that you think best suits your needs.

Is Insurance.pw affiliated with any insurance companies?
No, we are not directly affiliated with any insurance companies. We are a referral service for insurance program consumers.

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