ALTERNATIVE THERAPHY: The Truth Behind the Myths

Do you get sick often? Turn to a bottle of prescription pills for even the slightest pain/onset of illness? This dependence on pills is making Americans sick and many are now embracing alternative therapies like hypnotherapy, acupuncture, ayurveda, yoga, herbal medicine, homeopathy and more as their go-to treatment, elevating it above alllopathy. The fact is that even the Department of Defense is now spending several billions of dollars into researching these methods of healing.

The beauty of alternative medicine lies in it’s core aim: Bring harmony between the mind, body and spirit. Although this may not be the newest idea on the block the practice of successfully balancing the body’s natural energies can be found in the traditions of several countries including: India, China and can even be traced to the Native Americans.

If your chiropractor/homeopath tells you that he believes in the body’s natural ability to heal itself, then don’t take that as quackery, as doctors who practice alternative medicine rely on this belief to try and treat your illness and prevent other illnesses. How many western practitioners can claim that they try to prevent other illnesses even before their early on set.

Your alternative medicine practitioner may also advise you on making certain lifestyle changes, based on your condition in order to prevent further illnesses. Don’t be fazed when your doctor asks you questions about your personal life and emotions, alternative practitioners often do this as they believe that the internal condition, including your emotional balance and state of mind plays a great role in how your body copes with diseases.

Keep these tips in mind and your consultation with an alternative medicine practitioner will put you on the highway to a healthy, balanced life.

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